Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Difference Between Goals and Targets

The recipient of two General Motors Transformers Awards, Ashwani Muppasani is the former vice president of the automotive division at TE Connectivity. Ashwani Muppasani is experienced in identifying targets for new product development and has also enhanced product suites in new markets.

Although they sound like the same idea, goals and targets are entirely different concepts in terms of scope. A business will specify its goals to portray a long-term vision of what it aims to accomplish within the specified period. Targets, on the other hand, are small steps aligned with deadlines and details of larger goals. To achieve a business goal, the team and individual within the organization will have to reach their targets. At this point, it is needless to say that goals and targets work hand in hand.

Target will help increase the sense of the importance of effort and activity that needs to be put together to increase the chance of accomplishing goals. For example, a business may plan to increase its efficiency - this is a goal. To achieve this goal, it has to get all equipment and machinery in the company functional - these are individual targets.